Jumat, 30 Desember 2011


Pink Carnations and The Cute Little Bears

Love Story

Once, I was like a messenger of love between these two nice people.
I know they story began long before I met  them, they said it more than 10 years!
I remember the first one is the orange roses bouquet, then it's Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, then this simple and beautiful white calla lily, as a preview for their wedding bouquet, he said.
And... finally.... they tied the knot! I'm so happy for both of them!

Kamis, 19 Mei 2011

Kue Ulang Tahun

Untuk ulang tahun kali ini, saya bingung mau pesan kue darimana, jadilah saya hanya membeli cake bolu kecil diameter 12cm dari Leonard's Pastry di Purimal. Tapi kok rasanya kekecilan, ini bisa habis saya makan sendiri, hahaha...
Akhirnya saya tambahkan macaroon kesukaan saya dari Delika Patisserie & Pantry. Tentu saja rasa coklat adalah favorit saya, tapi untuk menambah kesan ceria dan warna warni, saya juga membeli rasa-rasa lainnya, strawberry, mango, blueberry, oreo, mocha, green tea. ternyata semuanya enaaaakkkk!
Ini dia hasil kreasi dadakan saya, dengan vas gelas bening berisi hydrangea merah dan mini ranunculus dan lilitan mutiara putih di bibir vas sebagai tatakan kue, lucu juga hasilnya...

Happy Birthday!

5th of May is my birthday, and my husband's on 4th, so we decided to invite some close family to our new office. Our main course was the famous Agoan noddle (if you live around Puri Indah area, then you should know it) :) It's one of my husband's favorite noodle.

So, for this small gathering, I decided to have some snacks and arranged another dessert table. I don't have any theme, just gathered anything I had at home.
I made oreo cheesecake with tim tam biscuits for the topping.
The other menu are pork meatball, mini astor with cha cha peanuts, hersey's chocolates, fruit cocktails, and jelly.

I also set 3 arrangements of artificial flowers.
For the centerpiece I chose the horizontal arrangement, this one is ready stock if you want to order, it's perfect for your coffee table or to put on top of your dresser. ;)

Then, I used this teapot, my wedding present from my mom and put some flowers in it, voila!

Last one, is this vintage little box I found, and can't resist to buy! Ha ha ha...
Put some high grade artificial hydrangeas, mini ranunculus, white feathers and white pearls, this is it!

 So, this was the dessert table for our birthday party.

Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

Vintage... Oh! Vintage...

When I heard about Vintage 1920's I was totally blank and not having any clue about it! But then again, we have our internet connection, so... I googled...
And these are some of the inspirations

I love the LV vintage 1920 suitcase trunk!
Look at the fashion too!
A little bit of feather, pearl, white or black loose dress, and some with the laces...

My first idea that hit me is I want to make an arrangement inside the trunk. But I have to find one with small sized trunk first, right?
Meanwhile I looked into all my stocks and I found that I still have the brown rectangular vase, some laces, some pearls, but unfortunately I don't have the feathers :(
So, I used all the stuff that I can use first, and tried to make an artificial flower arrangement with this idea, voila...
Here is the result...

So, what do think about it?

Kamis, 17 Maret 2011


Our March began with some order for housewarmings, shop opening, and new office relocation.
So this time, I'm posting four different artificial flowers arrangement! 

This one looked like those wild plants with lots of leaves circling the flowers. I plan to have a small rooftop garden at my husband's new office, and maybe we can try to make the garden look like this arrangement, I love those little flowers, they look really cute! :)

The second one, is an arrangement of hydrangea combined with dry pink roses, green peonies, and... blueberries! Yes! They're adorable yet looked very classy and elegant!  

Next is L-shaped green themed arrangement! I choose green hortensia, green peonies, pink dry roses, blueberries and lots of different shaped leaves. Very natural and sophisticated!

Last but not the least, is the basic triangle arrangement. See the red peonies? I really love it, the color is very rich and the quality is premium, not to mention the roses, peach and white, with green berries, red berries, this one will make your coffee table look stunning! And perfect as dinner table centerpiece...

So, which one you like the most? ^^